Communication, Education & Support

Our Philosophy

Communication at the Forefront

At Benefits Services, LLC, we place communication at the forefront of our enrollment services.
Communication is the lifeline of any successful voluntary benefit offering, and can be classified into four main areas of focus;

Education of the Employer:

It is essential that we effectively communicate what benefits can be made available, the associated underwriting we can provide, the enrollment methodology by which we communicate, and the associated cost to their employees. At Benefits Services, LLC, we strive to work with payroll and human resource departments to make the offering of the voluntary benefits as seamless as possible. We expect to assist with the pre meeting announcements and deliver professional presentations that outline benefit offerings.

Education of the Employee:

The ability to educate, to provide a helping hand towards comprehension of benefits offered,the value a particular benefit brings the employee and their family, is imperative. Employees in some cases only have one chance to make the right decision for their families. When deciding on a voluntary coverage, Benefits Services, LLC, urges the employees to take the time necessary to review our products, and settle in comfortably on a selection that best suits their needs.

Post enrollment support:

A successful voluntary benefit offering does not end at the point of sale. Payroll deduction reports are prepared, delivered and supported. We strive to make things as easy as possible for payroll departments, payroll companies and third party administrators' to implement pertinent deductions for coverage selected by the employees.

Employee claims support:

It has been said that a policy is only as good as its agent. At Benefits Services, LLC, we are committed to claims support. So much so, that we have dedicated in house claims specialists to support our policyholders. Assistance with a claim is never more than a phone call away.